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theLAB is a state of the art recording studio and audio production facility in Los Angeles, California. Contact us for a customized project quote.


An 8 hour day at theLAB Studios includes full usage of the studios facilities and all access to theLAB's equipment. theLAB is setup to accommodate all types of music and group configurations from full bands, singer-songwriters, to producers. 

ENGINEERING: Contact us for a quote

Our in-house Pro Tools certified engineers have worked on a variety of projects ranging from Universal Music, Hollywood Records, Disney, to artists like Green Day, Reggie Watts, The Posies, Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek, The Decemberists), and more. You can sample theLAB's work on Soundcloud:

MIXING: Contact us for a quote

Mixing is extremely unique to each project. theLAB respects this artform and always aproaches each project fresh and with the intention of highlighting the unique nature of each artist. Analog and digital processing is always utilized in theLAB's mixing process. Contact us for a quote.

MASTERING: Contact us for a quote

Like mixing, the mastering process can be very different from project to project. Understanding a certain genre's market and the distribution format being used (cd/vinyl/mp3) is key to successfully finalizing your recorded music. theLAB employs a soft hand at analog and digital processing to preserve the source audio while still adjusting/highlighting the final project appropriately.

theLAB's in-house producer Frankie Siragusa is available for select projects. His experience with songwriting, arranging, engineering, producing, and performance allows for a multi-faceted creative involvement in facilitating your recordings. Contact us and let us know a little about your project!

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Contact us for a quote
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